This Gala is being planned as a fundraiser on behalf of the Wisconsin Historical Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, which is selling tickets and seeking sponsorships in connection with the Wisconsin Capitol Centennial Gala to be held on Wednesday November 8th. The Wisconsin Historical Foundation is raising funds for this Gala at the request of the 100th Anniversary Commission.

The net proceeds from the gala will go to support the State Capitol Restoration Fund – a fund dedicated to supporting to preservation of the Wisconsin State Capitol.

About the Capitol Restoration Fund

It takes constant and conscientious effort to keep the 100 year old building in pristine condition and accessible to all. Current needs range everywhere from replacing carpet repairing sidewalks, to providing better and more energy efficient lighting, while maintaining the historical significance of the materials and fixtures at the Capitol. Other projects are geared toward upgrades to A/V equipment to improve functionality and to enhance the public tour experience for the thousands of visitors who pass through the building each year.

Net proceeds to benefit the Capitol Restoration Fund. Contact for VIP and sponsorship opportunities.